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Your Microsoft Office 365 questions answered
Posted by Ash Khagram on 18/03 at 01:01 PM Office 365,
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According to Microsoft, as a result of using a cloud approach, nearly 80% [of surveyed IT professionals] said they’re saving money, seeing more productivity and have better security.

However, businesses still have questions surrounding Microsoft Office 365 and the benefits it can bring to their company. So, we have looked at the key questions asked in order to answer some of the queries you may have in a straightforward manner.

What is Office 365?
In a nutshell, the Microsoft Office 365 suite is a hosted, online version of the traditionally installed version of Microsoft Office software productivity suite of applications.

This secure and reliable online service is subscription-based and includes Office, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Office Web Apps and many more. You can access it from anywhere with an Internet connection.

How does this help my business?
Office 365 can address your business requirements by providing employees with what they need to collaborate and work effectively on the go.  

Rather than the buying individual licences, Office 365 is a cost-effective subscription-based model. This eliminates the headache experienced by your IT staff as they try to juggle software updates, support, licensing and implementation – all time-consuming tasks.
You can enhance your productivity with applications you rely on, including Word, Excel, Publisher, OneNote and Outlook, available on any operating system and accessible anywhere.

This service also works well for home workers, providing them with an office with everything they need, wherever they have an Internet connection.

What devices are supported?
Office 365 can be used on up to five desktops (PC or Mac), five tablets (Windows, iPad® or Android™) and five mobile devices per user.

What about migrating my data?
swcomms will migrate your data from your current system into Office 365 – all with minimal downtime. We’ll also provide the details you need for configuration. We also provide the option for  remote assistance and configuration of your primary devices with the newly provisioned services.

What support is offered?
As well as helpdesk support, swcomms offer an Enhanced 365 support option (known as admin on behalf) where we perform all administrative tasks and manage Office 365 on your behalf

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Ash Khagram on 18/03/2016

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