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Your Small Business Server 2008 is going end of life – what now?
Posted by Matt Gifford on 26/09 at 10:00 AM IT services,
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At some point or other all IT solutions come to the end of their life and this is now true of Microsoft’s Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2008. Chances are you are already aware of this, but have you upgraded yet? 

I would recommend you upgrade before they become end of life, simply because there will no longer be any support offered by Microsoft, which means that your system will be more vulnerable to security threats and you will be putting your business at risk if you do not change. 

Many small businesses adopted the SBS product who we have found need some guidance regarding the migration path from SBS 2008 or, if you want to look ahead, 2011.

For many of these businesses, their SBS servers are five or more years old, and very few have IT staff trained in the management of them. This makes the migration itself a daunting task. First and foremost, you need to establish what the SBS server is doing. 

But I only use it for emails?
We hear this a lot. If you think your SBS is only for emails, then speak to a company, such as swcomms. We can advise you on where it’s working for you: you might be surprised at the things “the box in the corner” is doing! 

So, as for your options, smaller businesses that use their SBS for emails and file shares, can migrate seamlessly to Office 365, and, unless premium enterprise features are required, can do so using the Business Premium plan.

If it does everything, migrating will be disruptive, surely?
It’s fair to say that a migration is as disruptive as the company you engage to do it. No migration is without downtime, but minimising that downtime to the shortest acceptable time is why most companies turn to a trusted IT partner.

Businesses with a more comprehensive use of their SBS however, such as those that are using domain joined PCs and authentication aspects of their domain or those that rely on group policies, specialist line of business applications, database hosting, etc., need to consider a replacement on-site server. 

Happily, both solutions are tried and tested, and migration plans are so developed, that good IT support companies everywhere can assist and advise you. We would advise you to pick a Microsoft partner and engage them to assist you to drive your SBS upgrade project through on time.

As one of the South West’s premium suppliers of Office 365, hosted solutions and server hardware, swcomms is perfectly positioned to migrate your business to the cloud with minimal disruption.

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Matt Gifford on 26/09/2017

Matt heads up our cloud services department working closely with his team and customers to provision and install cloud services to ensure the latter has the best experience possible.

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