Business benefits of Microsoft Office 365

Business benefits of Office 365

We explain the benefits of switching to Office 365 with us

Make the switch to Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is a resilient solution, which gives you all the applications you rely on in a subscription cloud-based productivity suite. Essentially, it’s your office, accessible anywhere.

If you’re evaluating whether Office 365 is right for your business, we explain the benefits of switching to Office 365 with swcomms.

Your office, everywhere
Office 365 lives in the cloud. You have easy access to all the applications you rely on – Word, Outlook and Excel, etc – anywhere where you have access to the Internet.

Simple management
Tracking licensing, updates and software versions is the bane of many an IT department. Office 365 takes care of all the upgrades by notifying you of the latest edition of software with easy deployment options to help you upgrade seamlessly using ‘Click and Run’.

Cost-effective payments
Rather than paying a lump sum for new software and new licences, you’ll make monthly payments based on your number of users. The subscription-based service then ensures you have access to the most recent versions of all your applications including Word, PowerPoint and more.

Variety of devices
Office 365 can be accessed from a full range of devices per user: Up to five desktops (PC or Mac), five tablets (Windows, iPad® or Android™) and five mobile devices.

Easy data migration
eases any worries you may have with our set-up and data migration service. Remote assistance is also available to ensure your devices are set up correctly.

Why swcomms?
You’ll pay no more than if you bought Office 365 from Microsoft direct, but we offer consultation, migration and support services to ensure the transition and your ongoing queries are taken care of.

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