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Voice applications continued . . .
Call recording
Call recording software complements any call centre solution to monitor quality and improve performance of call handlers, and as a reliable means of accurately recalling or sharing details of calls, as well as being used as a real-life training aid.
A dedicated call recording solution records all inbound and outbound calls or just calls to and from certain extensions. This allows your business to comply with regulatory requirements and to resolve disputes with an audit trail that can be used for evidential purposes.
Cost control
Additional software can also be provided for call logging purposes to provide reports on call traffic, including response times, lost calls, cost allocation and the success of marketing campaigns.
You can also control or bar access to more expensive call destinations (such as to premium rate numbers, mobiles, international numbers, etc) yet you can still give staff access to specific expensive destinations for business purposes.
We can also help you control costs with a user-friendly management platform to eradicate the need to call out engineering resource to make day-to-day system programming changes.

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