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Telephone lines and calls
This is often regarded as the boring bit, but finding the right lines and minutes’ provider with a UK-based service desk, can remove the stress of dealing with multiple bills and service providers.
We can take care of all your telephone lines – PSTN, ISDN or, more often these days, SIP. The latter is the future of telephone line technology and has already saved many of our customers a considerable amount on their call costs by using the same connections for voice and data.
We conduct a full line audit at the point of line transfer to ensure that we only adopt the lines and services you wish to continue using.
Our line rates are capped for the duration of the contract. We offer competitive, gimmick-free call tariffs and pass on any market savings we receive from our network suppliers to ensure that you benefit from a cost-effective fair rate throughout your contract term.
The wonder of SIP
Our SIP Trunk Call Manager solution provides you with a centralised inbound call management
service that is accessed through an easy-to-use web portal and mobile app. It offers powerful business continuity as standard, while giving you the ability to manage your entire number estate and all aspects of your inbound calls. It enables you to consolidate all your numbers onto a single platform, meaning that you’ll never miss a call.

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