Page 12 - e-brochure - South West - 2017
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Your call charge information can be accessed via our web-based billing platform. Detailed analysis and filtering tools allow you to view which calls were the longest or the most expensive or which numbers are most frequently dialled. You can export reports, view them in a graphical format and set parameters to prevent and restrict certain calls.
In addition, you can create tailored e-alerts to proactively notify you when calls go beyond customer set parameters. This means you can proactively manage and control call costs and make effective communications decisions
Fraud management
Our fraud team monitors your lines for unusually expensive calls and endeavours to report known fraud within four working days depending on the circumstances of the fraud.
Our optional Fraud Management Service protects our customers from the effects of phone hacking with an automatic bar that is activated when calls from a single line* reach a total of £750 within a 24- hour period to prevent bills from spiralling out of control.
Business mobiles
We offer bespoke mobile connectivity solutions that reflect the diversity of your business needs by using a blend of simple pay-as-you-consume services, cost- effective business bundles for group or single users, and all-inclusive packages with unlimited calls and texts alongside flexible data options.
As a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), we have full responsibility for all aspects of customer service, billing and operational aspects such as number porting.

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