Page 14 - e-brochure - South West - 2017
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We regard connectivity as a critical utility for all businesses. Whatever your size, all businesses need internet connectivity to stay in touch with customers, prospective customers, suppliers and colleagues wherever and whenever they are working.
We supply a range of internet connectivity solutions, including broadband and superfast fibre. We also supply ethernet first mile (EFM), ethernet over fibre to the cabinet (EoFTTC), and internet leased lines that all come with business class service level agreement that ensure you are back online as soon as possible in the event of any outage.
Web & email filtering
Our internet connections are complemented by our web and email filtering solutions that ensure your business remains protected against spam, web-based viruses and malware threats enabling you to focus on running your business.
Data networks & Wi-Fi
In addition, we design and implement a full range of secure data networks - LANs, WANs and their wireless and cloud-based versions - often incorporating point to point and point to multipoint wireless links and our own ethernet cloud to enable flexible working and support BYOD trends.

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