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Network and security management
We use a range of solutions to ensure your business remains protected against web-based viruses, malware threats and spam that lie in wait either behind the seemingly innocent facade of a website or attached to or embedded in an email.
Web filtering
We provide layer 7 application-aware filtering that uses deep packet inspection to identify more than 100 different kinds of web traffic, even when it doesn’t want to be identified. There are no longer any blind spots.
This dynamic content analysis accurately categorises and blocks all undesirable content, scans website signatures to prevent the use of anonymous proxies,
provides advanced reporting to understand and interpret usage, and monitors web activity and traffic
in real-time.
Email protection services
Meanwhile, spam is a daily annoyance and drain on productivity but with a percentage also containing some form of malicious attachment, it cannot be ignored. Phishing attacks and malware are becoming more complex, more convincing, and more difficult for the end user to identify.
Our anti-virus, anti-spam, image and content control software features zero-hour protection services to protect your environment.

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