Page 2 - e-brochure - South West - 2017
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About us
Brochures tend to be all gloss and no substance and we do not want ours to fall into that category. We just want to give you an overview of what we can supply to your business, an idea of our company ethos and the people who make up swcomms.
Our products are designed for businesses and organisations of all sizes and are successfully utilised in education, health, retail, legal, manufacturing, finance, insurance, leisure, tourism and real estate businesses among others.
We offer a range of voice, connectivity and data services that you can pick and choose from or can use together as part of a converged solution from a single supplier.
We believe what makes us different from the rest of our industry is the people who work for us. They are highly trained and extremely experienced but are still very human.
From your first contact with the sales team, through to project management and engineering, and then
ongoing support, account management and customer services, we put your interests first.

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