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Meanwhile, our virtualisation solutions enable the migration of traditional server hardware to a single piece of hardware or a high availability resilient cluster either onsite or in our data centre.
This cost-saving solution allows you to run multiple operating systems, incorporating applications such as websites and databases, by automatically allocating spare processing and memory resources to ensure the performance of an individual application is maintained.
Our VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualised server environments enable new servers and applications to be implemented quickly and efficiently - within hours if required - instead of having to wait for the delivery of hardware and software.
Our data centre provides the required security, environment, power, fire prevention and network connectivity for flexible, scalable and high availability server hosting, disaster recovery, wide area network and Internet solutions. They are maintained by a certified networking and security team with years of experience managing and monitoring enterprise-level networks.
Project management
We appreciate relocating services from your own site or from another hosting facility can be a daunting task but our project management and skilled installation team remove any stress normally associated with this type of project. Our remote hands service is also available for occasions when customers cannot make the journey to our data centre.

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