Page 23 - e-brochure - South West - 2017
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Business continuity
Business continuity allows businesses to carry on working despite data loss as all the data is replicated on separate machines in our data centres, so it can be accessed immediately and the end user will not notice the difference.
Disaster recovery suites
We also provide hi-tech disaster recovery suites to businesses that want the reassurance that they can simply transfer their operation to an alternative site in the face of disaster. We have four serviced offices at our disposal, three in the South West and one in the South East of England, where space can be reserved and furnished to suit your requirements.
Our data centre customers can be patched into their hosted environment at short notice to offer a complete business continuity solution.
It may be that your IT team and designated DR team will need a disaster recovery suite with LAN speed access to their servers to bring applications and systems back into operation while other members of staff work remotely.
For some businesses, a blend of DR and business continuity may be appropriate to ensure against all these eventualities.

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