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IT support
Our IT support packages give you total peace of mind. Our expert team offers remote monitoring and on-site repairs. We offer a wealth of experience in Microsoft Windows, Mac systems and servers to keep you up and running.
We also take ownership of time-wasting glitches that can happen with a new product or service by liaising with suppliers to avoid frustrating three-way conversations when something goes wrong.
Remote monitoring allows us to identify problems at an early stage before they become apparent in your system. Our monitoring software quietly ticks away in the background, carrying out a scan every five minutes to review critical event logs, backup failures, disk space availability and anti-virus updates and to detect unauthorised login attempts or system hacks.
If an issue arises we can either fix it remotely - preventing further trouble down the line - or dispatch an engineer to your premises to repair the fault. We can typically respond to a server problem within 15 minutes, and attend to repair an onsite fault within four to eight hours.

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