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Telephone systems
We help businesses who are struggling with a telephone system that is obsolete, entering its end of life period or no longer meets their needs. We also support businesses that are relocating or starting up in new premises.
With 34 years’ experience in the industry, we know we can provide up-to-date replacement telephony solutions, while streamlining a business’s everyday working practices to help cut costs and boost productivity.
On-premise solutions
Our flexible, scalable phone solutions cater for companies of any size from small & medium enterprises through to multi-site, large businesses with up to 10,000 extensions. We deploy and support VoIP and digital solutions from Alcatel-Lucent and ShoreTel.
Cloud-hosted solutions
No longer a technology in its infancy, a cloud-hosted telephone system suits many businesses, particularly multi-site organisations. With superior network and service levels now available, a cloud solution is a now a mainstream choice.
We supply cloud-hosted phone systems from Gamma and ShoreTel, which can often be deployed on a cost- neutral basis.
Hybrid solutions
Hybrid systems are all about flexibility by combining both traditional and new technologies either in a single site solution or within a multi-site environment. This could mean integrating applications and IP users into a legacy digital solution to save companies having to invest in a complete overhaul of their hardware and wiring.

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