Page 6 - e-brochure - South West - 2017
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Unified communications
We deploy ShoreTel and Alcatel-Lucent unified communications solutions which provide businesses with the opportunity to use converged IT and comms technology to enable collaboration from anywhere in the world.
The same technology can be used to create new revenue streams and improve customer satisfaction by connecting people to the right resources and information, securely and cost-effectively.
Improved collaboration
You and your colleagues can manage multiple devices, applications and face-to-face interactions to access and respond to any message (voicemail, text or email).
You can use real-time communication (telephone call, instant message or video conference) and utilise user presence from a single interface to stay in contact at all hours of the day from wherever you are working.
Use unified communications to experience improved customer satisfaction, increased productivity and lower management costs for a rapid return on your investment.
This more flexible way of working can revolutionise the way you run your business.

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