Page 8 - e-brochure - South West - 2017
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Voice applications
We enhance phone systems core functionality with applications that are often critical to delivering excellent customer service and can help businesses control costs.
Contact centres
Contact centre solutions allow businesses to build long- term relationships with their customers by answering calls promptly and responding to enquiries accurately and appropriately. Your front-line staff need real-time access to a whole raft of information about your customers, including the services you provide them and previous contact history in order for you to keep calls to a minimum length.
Our expertise in contact centre, automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR) and computer telephony integration (CTI) solutions means we can combine the most appropriate technology to answer your inbound calls, emails, faxes, instant and social media messages.
Businesses should be able to maximise their investment by using call centre data to predict customer behaviour and identify new business opportunities to capitalise on increased revenue and profit, market share, and customer retention.

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