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swcomms understands the benefits that technology can bring to businesses looking to improve their work processes and to make themselves more profitable. We also understand that some lenders restrict the credit available for such investments or even attach a higher risk premium because they do not understand the technology.

Our subsidiary company, SWC Cloud Services Ltd, is an independent finance provider specifically established to support the borrowing needs of businesses investing in new information and communications technology.

We provide a range of competitive lease rental and lease purchase options with no third party involved in the process.

swcomms provides a range of lease rental and lease purchase options for your business

In-house credit approval procedures
We are not reliant on external funds for lending and similarly have independent in-house credit approval procedures enabling quicker sign off and project implementation.

The flexibility of the service enables us to tailor payment profiles to suit individual business needs. For example, we can arrange payment profiles that reflect seasonality changes within a business or we can incorporate solution upgrade or expansion costs during the term of the agreement.

By spreading the cost of the equipment across the life of the goods, it will reflect its usage and allow for easy replacement when obsolete, while early settlement and upgrade of equipment is also available.

Leasing provides businesses with the ability to use the most up-to-date technology without having to release valuable capital for purchasing it.

This means that equipment can be acquired immediately when it is needed most rather than when the cost meets budgeting parameters. Your capital can be conserved for other profitable purposes and your existing credit lines will remain undisturbed.

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