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GreenSquare Group

GreenSquare Group saves substantial time and money and reduces its carbon footprint with the video conferencing solution deployed by South West Communications Group.

The background

GreenSquare Group is a housing, regeneration and social investment agency working throughout Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire and surrounding areas with offices in Swindon, Oxford, and Chippenham.

The Group was formed in April 2008 and includes Westlea Housing Association, Oxford Citizens Housing Association and its commercial subsidiary Oakus.

The challenge

With three regional offices in Chippenham, Swindon and Oxford, GreenSquare Group’s staff frequently need to travel between sites which had become costly, not only in terms of fuel costs but also with regards to the time taken that could have been spent more productively. GreenSquare was also keen to reduce its carbon footprint to show commitment to its sustainability strategy and mantra of: “Putting the green back into GreenSquare.”

GreenSquare was interested in utilising a video conferencing system but was keen to ensure any investment was recouped within two years, to be able to take advantage of the savings it may produce.

Having previously successfully installed an IP telephony solution for Westlea Housing’s HQ  and its Swindon office, South West Communications Group was invited to recommend and tender for the video conferencing solution.

The solution

South West Communications Group recommended that GreenSquare Group invest in the scalable and cost effective LifeSize multi-site video conferencing suite solution. LifeSize is the leading worldwide video conferencing manufacturer proving bespoke packages to single users through to large multi-party and teleconferencing solutions. The deployed solution included the following:

  • LifeSize Room 200 video end points systems
  • 50” HD plasma display screens
  • Speaker systems and business class audio capabilities
  • Access to integrated internal phone directory

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