Virtualization is a cost-saving service that allows you to run multiple operating systems, incorporating applications such as websites and databases, on a single piece of hardware or high availability cluster. Servers tend to only be operating at just 10% of their capacity at any one time with surges on processing occurring at different times of the month, such as when the accounts department needs to run its payroll or billing programmes. Virtualization is easily scalable and seasonal traffic spikes can be addressed with ease.

We provide VMware virtualized server environments which have the benefit of reducing the amount of require electrical power, data centre rackspace, cooling and under-utilised processing resources. By reducing these requirements, virtualization provides a great benefit to the environment, with the added bonus of reducing costs.

A virtualized environment also enables new servers and applications to be implemented quickly and efficiently (within hours if required) instead of having to wait for the delivery of hardware and software. This provides customers with a powerful and flexible facility for setting up, testing and development of servers prior to having to go live on a single server. VMware can also automatically allocate spare processing and memory resources to a virtual machine which has become heavily utilised to ensure that the performance of the individual application is maintained.

With VMware High Availability we can also deliver a high level of resilience protecting your environment from any server and operating system outages. With the ability to detect server issues and initiate a new server resource to the virtual machine, downtime is limited and your resources remain online and available to your staff, customers and suppliers.

For the majority of our customers, the new virtualized equipment will be hosted in our Exeter data centre; however, we can provide virtualized environments at customer premises if required.

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