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Introducing our new unified communications (UC) solution… Wildix

Posted by James Hooker on 26/11 at 10:00 AM Cloud-hosted telephone systems, Unified communications,
Introducing our new unified communications (UC) solution... Wildix

We have been supplying phone system and unified communications (UC) solutions for many years and have adopted new systems as and when we feel the technology has proved itself to be stable enough and beneficial for business use.

Wildix is the most recent product that we have added to our portfolio, so I thought I would tell you more about its functionality and benefits. First and foremost, it is a phone system and it’s a good one. It is usually cloud hosted but rather than being in a multi-tenanted environment like many others, Wildix has its own private instance in Amazon Web Services (AWS). This means your phone system is yours alone and not a part of a larger one, but still benefits from being maintenance-free and having automatic software updates.

Wildix has its own range of user-friendly handsets for staff who still want a traditional desk-based set-up. It offers a full DECT solution too, which is not always available with a cloud phone system, so staff can roam your site with wireless handsets, confident that their calls will not drop out.

Equally staff can use headsets through the intuitive Collaboration app that can be downloaded onto mobile devices or PCs and laptops to give them the flexibility to work from anywhere, which has been an important consideration in the past two years.

It is the simplicity of delivery though where Wildix is peaking our customers’ interest. There is very little engineering required. For example, the UC functionality does not require the installation of a separate client as Wildix’s UC tools are all web-browser based; a true click and go model. Most customers can install Wildix for themselves!

The convenience of using a web browser works two ways. The Wildix Kite functionality allows people outside your organisation to contact your staff using links on your website and email signatures without them having to download a separate app.

If you view the contact page on the Wildix website (see below), you can see the presence status of staff - available, talking, DND (do not disturb), offline or away - so you can choose how you contact them: phone, chat, video call, email or connect with them on LinkedIn.


Introducing our new unified communications (UC) solution... Wildix

Kite links to your phone system so it knows when you are talking and integrates with your calendar to ascertain if you are in a meeting or on leave. All it takes is one click and off you go. This means you should never miss a communication that may lead to a sale or a boost to your customer service reputation. Your existing and prospective customers can choose how they want to interact with you, without the fuss of downloading an app they may not have already.

The other key aspect of Wildix is that you get everything you need within one user licence. There is no need for add-ons as Collaboration, Kite, call recording, plus fax and SMS integration are all included as standard.

Wildix also offers analogue gateways, so where a business has traditional analogue services, such as legacy phones, fax machines and alarms, these can be integrated too.

Lastly, while most customers use Wildix as a cloud-hosted solution, it can be deployed on site to suit a more traditional set-up.

We have eagerly added Wildix to our portfolio of products and are benefiting from the expertise offered by our colleagues at Taurus Clearer Communication, who were acquired earlier this year and were recently named as Top Wildix UK Partner for 2019 and 2020. Now working as one business, we are combining our skills to give our customers a real choice of phone and UC solutions. Do not hesitate to contact me if you would like a demo.

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James Hooker on 26/11/2021

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