Local area networks for schools

Local area networks for schools

The backbone your school, academy or college relies on

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Having worked within the education sector for many years, we understand how advances in technology can help you meet the challenges faced, including:

  • Strain on connectivity due to the addition of extra IT equipment
  • Loss of service due to student interference with unmanaged network equipment
  • Degradation of network service due to pupils’ Smartphone and tablet PC use
  • Telephones & voicemail required for all classrooms, not just for reception and office staff
  • Computers are considered an essential requirement for all classrooms
  • Site-wide wireless Internet access is needed for both staff and pupils
  • Online tests perceived as the future of some elements of the examination process

Many schools and colleges already have some sort of local area network or LAN. It may have been in place for a number of years but has become limited in what it can be used for.

LAN audit
Our audit service involves a detailed review of your existing LAN and takes into consideration your current and anticipated IT needs, the communications applications you wish to use, planned growth areas and, most importantly, your budget.

During the design phase, we work with our customers to ensure that features, such as Power over Ethernet (PoE) to remotely power devices such as IP phones and WiFi access points, are included within the network infrastructure.

All our LAN deployments support Quality of Service meaning that they can be used to support a whole range of multi-media applications including voice (VoIP), video, IP CCTV, IP TV, digital signage, streaming media and fixed mobile convergence (FMC).

Security features
LANs can be stringently protected by the addition of security features, such as firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (that can detect and block attacks on your network) and a host integrity check (whereby users’ PCs, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices must comply with your school or college’s standards). For larger networks, we are also able to provide a centralised point of management and reporting.

We can provide you with the tools to manage your own LAN via a PC-based graphical user interface or command line interface. You could create your own virtual LANs (VLANs) to segregate specific areas of the network for use by certain groups, for example; providing access to educational resources to students while retaining the privacy of data that should only be accessed by staff.

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