swcomms installs new audio-visual solutions for Sandy Park
Posted by Caroline Moore on 16/01 at 11:56 AM
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Photo credit: Pinnacle Photo Agency/Exeter Rugby Club 

South West Communications Group has helped Sandy Park become one of the most technologically advanced conferencing facilities in the region following significant investment in new technology and audio-visual equipment.


The award-winning Sandy Park in Exeter has invested more than £60,000 to upgrade its facilities.


swcomms installed 15 new plasma screens throughout the venue, including a 75” screen in its largest conference room, the Exeter Suite.


Event attendees, speakers and organisers can now wirelessly connect their devices to these screens to easily display presentations and videos in high definition.  


swcomms has also installed video conferencing equipment in the boardroom, which was previously unavailable for hire. With capacity for 24 delegates, this equipment allows the room to communicate with other parties on an 82” screen.


The venue has also improved its accessibility with the purchase of a new infrared hearing aid system to assist people with varying degrees of hearing loss.


Events sales manager Bev Gratton said: “These upgrades will make events slicker, while also giving organisers, speakers and presenters more freedom to easily display high quality graphics and videos throughout the venue. We believe the video conferencing system is unique to the area, so hope that those in Exeter and beyond will find this a useful addition to Sandy Park.


“We are also always working to improve accessibility at Sandy Park, and the new hearing system should be a great addition to any guests with hearing loss.”

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Caroline Moore on 16/01/2018

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