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Office 365 licence management

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IT directors and managers will tell you that one of the many banes of their lives is trying to manage the compatibility and licensing of multiple versions of Microsoft Office. Budget conscious IT departments tend to update Office licences in a considered manner to ensure they do not waste money renewing licences too soon. But the hassle of trying to make sure every employee’s documents, whether they are Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, etc, are compatible with each other is painful.

Alleviate Office licence management
Office 365 alleviates that pain by automatically renewing all users at the end of each licence term and constantly updating all their applications so everyone is on the same versions while improved functionality and more stringent security.

Migration and ongoing support
Office 365 is robust, secure and reliable enough to give your IT team a break from these everyday concerns. Furthermore, companies like swcomms offer a migration service to alleviate any stress of moving data from your existing platform to the cloud version. We also provide an ongoing support service to again take some of the burden of day-to-day administration and support away from your IT team.

However, Office 365 administrators also have an unprecedented level of control of their IT environment whereby they can have visibility of the entire suite of applications, so they can have confidence in its security and reliability and leave the support to a third party,

Mobile device management
They can also benefit from the mobile device management (MDM) InTune system which was added to the suite last year. Depending on the version you purchase, IT departments can use this and the Exchange Online functionality to set device-level PIN-locks, detect jailbreak devices and remotely wipe lost or stolen devices and to operate an effective bring your own device (BYOD) policy.

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