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Online billing

While we willingly take over your lines to make billing and fault reporting easier for your business, you will still retain control over your business’s call activity via our WebaBILLity billing platform, which is accessed through our website.  

Once logged in, you will be able to view your online phone bill summary, showing total costs for all telephone calls, phone line rental and associated telecoms services. These details are updated every working day and are saved for three months.

Detailed analysis and filtering tools allow you to view which calls were the longest or the most expensive or which numbers are most frequently dialled. You can export reports, view them in a graphical format and set parameters to prevent and restrict certain calls.

In addition to pre-set reports, you can create tailored e-alerts to proactively notify you when calls go beyond customer set parameters. This means you can proactively manage and control call costs and make effective strategic communications decisions.