Pat Williams case study

Pat Williams Ltd

Case Study

Pat Williams Ltd is an automotive parts distributor based in Barnstaple, Devon, with another distribution site in Launceston. A family-run business, Pat Williams Ltd is open seven days a week to serve the needs of garages in the area. They have been a customer of swcomms since 2009; we supply their phone system, lines, minutes and broadband services.

A conversation with their dedicated account manager revealed their frustration with another local supplier who had informed them that they would no longer host their email accounts.

We advised Pat Williams Ltd of the availability and suitability of Microsoft Office 365, which would not only overcome their current issue but would also offer them a whole host of core business applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher, Access, etc.

The Office suite is familiar to most businesses but whereas it was traditionally purchased as software loaded onto each user’s device, it is now available as a cost effective cloud service called Office 365. swcomms is one of a limited number of 1-Tier Microsoft Certified Service Providers worldwide having been stringently vetted by Microsoft.

swcomms can provide an end-to-end service to our customers which means we not only sell the software – at the same price as it would be from Microsoft – but also have the expertise to deploy the multiple versions of the application suite and offer ongoing support, particularly important for companies that do not have an IT team that can guide them through the process.

swcomms supplied the Office 365 Business Premium package which includes all the applications mentioned above plus the email client Outlook together with 50GB mailboxes securely hosted at cloud level.

Without an in-house IT team available, swcomms engineers collected their data and migrated this and their current email accounts to the Office 365 platform to ensure there was minimal downtime and the business could continue to operate as usual.

We checked that each device – mainly office PCs – were operating correctly following the migration and installed the suite onto mobile devices where needed.

Office 365 allows each user to enjoy using their suite of applications on up to five desktops, five tablets and five mobiles, so the addition of mobile devices did not incur any additional cost.

Pat Williams Ltd’s staff can now continue to use their email accounts as usual but can also access them from wherever they are working and on whatever device they choose. They can also access up to 1TB of documents in the same way by simply accessing them in the cloud.

The mobility options afforded by the cloud are complemented by constant software updates, which means Office 365 is never out of date and all staff are on the same version of the software to rule out any incompatibility issues.

Pat Williams Ltd is delighted with the Office 365 package and with the migration and support the business has received from swcomms.

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