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Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki

Created in 2006, Meraki began producing innovative networking solutions that could be managed through the cloud resulting in Cisco acquiring the business in 2012. Today, Cisco Meraki is an industry leader in networking devices with more than 140,000 customers using two million network devices.

Cisco Meraki believes in using technology to connect, empower and drive businesses into the future. By simplifying powerful technology into packages we can all understand and manage with ease, IT departments can focus on improving infrastructure and reducing operational costs. Cisco Meraki is firmly focussed on customer experience, ease of deployment and ease of use.

Cisco Meraki

The wide range of solutions within the Cisco Meraki portfolio include Wi-Fi wireless access points switches and security appliances, all managed through Meraki’s web-based dashboard interface.

Customers who have a Cisco Meraki Wi-Fi solution continue to use them because they are:

  • Easy to deploy - for all businesses of all sizes, with minimal sized networks to large distributed enterprises
  • Easy to set up - the interface utilises drop-down menus in an interface with enterprise functionality
  • Easy to access – via a web browser to configure and monitor the network from anywhere
  • Easy to scale – as Meraki hardware can be added to any building and connected by simply adding it to your network with the serial number
  • Easy to secure - with unified management of mobile devices, Macs and PCs

The Cisco Meraki networking devices are centrally managed from the cloud. This feature-rich, easy-to-use cloud architecture enables customers to solve new business problems and reduce operating costs.

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