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Purple Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi has evolved within the last decade as more people access the internet through hot spots or wireless access points.


Purple is an intelligent Wi-Fi solution supplied by swcomms. This cloud-based guest Wi-Fi software solution provides you with real-time analytics and marketing information to understand customer trends to learn more about their behaviour. 

Purple Wi-fi

Purple customers have access to a wealth of intuitive features which fall into three key areas: 


Purple Wi-Fi provides a customer experience which can meet the requirements of guests without the hindrance of a long-winded registration process. Visitors can use their social media profile to login and gain quick and easy internet access. Purple is translated into 24 different languages with more languages being added all the time, which is ideal for overseas visitors. As with any public connectivity solution, security is a requirement and Purple provides secure and compliant browsing to protect your public and private networks.


Understanding your customer habits and trends can help tailor any experience and make it more enriching for your customer. Purple provides you with Wi-Fi analytics that capture behaviours within physical spaces, including bounce rates, return visits, frequency and presence monitoring. By tracking location data in offices, stores, hospitality businesses and arenas, you can see the detail of your customers’ pathways and their entry and exit points to gain insights and make decisions based on this data.


As your customers register with your Purple Wi-Fi network, your opportunity to promote your business grows as well. Take advantage of the marketing tools within Purple to customise your splash screens and ensure consistent branding and advertising to customers. Not only can you target customers with relevant messaging based on their demographics, but also their buying behaviour so you create a personalised experience to them.  


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