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Established in 2001, Smoothwall provides state-of-the-art web filtering and internet security for businesses, local government and schools of all sizes.

Smoothwall combines next generation firewall technology for enterprise-grade protection in real-time with content aware analysis. Smoothwall uses anti-malware and spam protection from globally recognised technology partners to offer a complete package in terms of internet security.

Smoothwall web filtering

Key features include:

  • Smoothwall’s content aware analysis identifies brand new content on the web in real-time, long before URL block lists
  • Easy-to-build filtering policies based on user, content, time and location
  • Flexible tools to allow read-only access, block social gaming or remove inappropriate content
  • Filter guest mobile devices on your network
  • Safeguarding reporting suite analyses internet activity against a number of safeguarding categories, including radicalisation, suicide and abuse
  • More than 300 custom report formats
  • Anonymous proxy blocking

Safeguarding and online safety
Smoothwall’s mission is to make the internet a safer place for children so they specialise in creating solutions to protect children and staff online while still giving them the freedom to learn and teach.

Smoothwall has been working in education for more than 10 years and currently protects more than 7,000 UK schools and 2.5 million students from accessing harmful content on the internet. Smoothwall is constantly developing their products and is fully invested in driving online safety initiatives.

The Smoothwall solution meets all of the functionality set out by the revised statutory safeguarding guidance for schools and colleges ‘Keeping children safe in education’ released by the Department for Education.

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