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The swift growth of technological innovation is leading to a surge in the amount of data being created which is transforming the way we store and manage our valuable customer information. Businesses cannot afford downtime or loss of data which is leading to a serious investment in business continuity to protect their data either on premise, in the cloud or within a secure data centre.

Backup and replication
Veeam backup and replication products deliver fast, flexible and reliable recovery of virtualised applications and data.

Founded in 2006, Veeam has more than 216,500 customers worldwide and growing. Veeam’s solutions can replicate and restore your data within minutes or seconds to limit your downtime and loss of income.

We use Veeam backup and replication within our data centres to provide the highest specification of protection for your data but also the fastest process of retrieval.

If you want to consider Veeam for your backup and replication solution, please get in contact with one of our disaster recovery and business continuity experts.

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