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Wildix is the first browser-based unified communications and cloud-hosted phone system that claims to boost efficiency, guarantees an increase in sales, and provides a complete collaboration platform that is entirely secure by design. Perfect for the hybrid working world, Wildix is entirely flexible and is popular with business and organisations of all sizes.

Why Wildix?

Wildix claims their new generation of business communications systems can reduce costs by an average of 50% (sometimes up to 75%) and will increase your productivity. They offer unified communications (UC) and collaboration tools to allow you to streamline your processes, reduce employee travel, and easily manage internal and external calls wherever you are working.

While the Wildix mobile and Collaboration apps can be used on a range of devices, they also have their own range of handsets to suit the needs of office and mobile on-site workers.

Gartner positioned Wildix as a niche player in the worldwide Magic Quadrant for unified communications as a service (UCaaS) in 2021.


Features of a Wildix solution

Mobile app

Offers the UC features of your cloud-hosted phone system on staff mobile phones to enjoy calls to all contacts in your corporate phonebook, video calls, chat, post-it notes, file exchange, presence, Apple watch notifications, and synchronisation with Microsoft Exchange, Outlook and external databases.

Web-based interface

Known as Collaboration, this unifies communication tasks to streamline daily operations, boost productivity, increase employee engagement, and improve customer service and user experience by providing a single place to manage all contacts, calls, messages, desktop and file sharing, voicemail, call recording, and integration with CRMs and apps. 

WebRTC Kite

Kite uses WebRTC technology to your website to allow visitors to call, message, start a video meeting, share documents, etc. with your staff members. No installation on the customer side is required; they just click on a link, depending on your availability. Kite turns your website into an effective sales tool and is integrated with your Wildix phone system too. 


This is a turnkey video conferencing solution right at your desk. It used WebRTC technology to give you the best audio and video quality, and security. Staff can start a video conference from their Collaboration web interface and can invite colleagues or external users at any time. External users receive an email invite and simply click on the link.

Management systems

The Wildix Management System is an easy-access, web-based administrative interface. There is no need for any client or software installation. You can enjoy time and cost savings in device configuration thanks to Wildix’s auto-provisioning, and you can easily add, manage and update both on-site and remote devices connected to your Wildix systems.

Benefits of a Wildix solution

Improved efficiency

Wildix claims they can save businesses 25% in time (or two hours per employee per day) by managing waiting calls, avoiding queued lines, easily sharing documents, displaying employee availability status, and using video conferencing to avoid unnecessary travel.

More business

Wildix also states their UC and Kite solutions will generate 52% more sales via your website. Wildix can help you transform your website into a sales centre with the only business communications solution that allows web visitors to call you, start a text or video chat, share documents, and more…directly from your website.


Traditional phone systems require the addition of VPN and SBC infrastructures to work remotely and remain protected from cyber-attacks and external viruses. Wildix is secure by design. It does not need SBCs or VPNs. Voice and data are always protected because it is created with a native encryption system.

Remote working

A Wildix cloud-hosted phone system can be used anywhere you and your staff have a connection to the internet. You can use your PC or mobile devices to securely handle all your calls, and the built-in UC tools to collaborate with your colleague via chat or video. You customers can reach you via the website too.

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