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Teams integration with Wildix

In the age of hybrid working, Microsoft Teams is the go-to unified communications solution to enjoy improved productivity and collaboration. Teams allows users to chat, call, hold video meetings, share files and more. While you can use Teams as a phone system (LINK HERE), you may wish to integrate it with cloud-hosted phone system, like Wildix, to retain any extra features you need.

Why integrate Teams with Wildix?

Wildix solutions offer a full enterprise-grade solution for your telephony needs. By integrating Teams with a Wildix solution staff can continue using Teams for unified communications and as an endpoint device, while benefiting from the features of a Wildix solution.

Deployment of the integration plug-in developed by Wildix is simple and efficient, with no need for additional costly hardware and no disruption to service.

This is the only phone system integration with the Microsoft Teams platform that does not require additional Microsoft licences (E5, E3, Teams Phone licences) and is available for users right out of the box.


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