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WebRTC videoconferencing

Wizyconf from Wildix is a revolutionary turnkey WebRTC (real-time communications) videoconferencing system that allows users to host or join full video conferencing all from their desk. There are no additional hardware requirements, nor are there any tricky software components to install. It runs straight out of the Wildix Collaboration web interface.

Why use Wizyconf?

The Wixyconf system allows users to run full and interactive videoconferencing all from a web browser. Users can share screens, applications and documents and allow other attendees to work together on documents and applications with ease.

External users can join any conference, simply by following a link from the host, or on an audio-only basis by calling a number. Once scheduled, conferences sync seamlessly with Google and Outlook calendars.

Video conferences can be recorded, including audio, video and even desktop sharing. Full reporting and analysis can be accessed for review following a session.

Should there be a need for a conferencing room set-up, Wildix offer additional equipment in the form of the Ubiconf Huddle (camera and microphone setup, ideal for 3-5 people in one room) and the Ubiconf Voice (a plug & play speakerphone system designed for larger rooms).

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