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Adult Learning Wales

Adult Learning Wales is the largest Adult Community Learning provider in Wales and is an independent voluntary organisation providing learning opportunities to adults across Wales.

The issue:

The organisation had four sites that were using end-of-life Toshiba phone systems. As Toshiba have left the telecoms market, these systems no longer received any manufacturer support which means there was no guarantee of a fix should it fail and no security or feature updates.


The solution:

Adult Learning Wales contacted swcomms to discuss an upgrade to a cloud-based solution to benefit from an improved range of features and less manual updates. They were already using Microsoft Teams for internal messaging, so swcomms recommended they upgrade their licensing to include the Microsoft Teams Phone System app for 110 users in total.

A demonstration was arranged with the IT department to show the range of features Microsoft Teams can provide and how it can be utilised as a phone system. External calls are made and received over Adult Learning Wales’s own internet connection, using Gamma’s Microsoft Teams Direct Routing call plans. Their phone numbers remain unchanged.

Adult Learning Wales now has a versatile and flexible phone system that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Staff can make and receive calls from PCs, laptops and mobile devices, giving them more flexibility when travelling between sites.

Adult Learning Wales benefits from a single pane of glass solution, with almost all their communications solutions in one place. Staff can call, send messages, take part in video meetings and screen share from a single platform. They can also view the presence of their colleagues, with simple colour-coding to indicate whether they are available, away, in a call, or out of office.

Adult Learning Wales also benefits from seamless integration with their calendars and calls, with the Teams app automatically setting their status to busy or do not disturb when in a meeting or have an appointment in their diary.

The Microsoft Teams Phone System App offers a variety of additional features that all contribute to easing pressure on admin staff. The ability to set up groups to overflow calls during busy times and the option to assign specific ringtones to callers, plus the automated attendant feature to direct callers to the correct department, all ensure the team are not overwhelmed with calls and that those contacting the organisation are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Adult Learning Wales continues to receive support from swcomms and their dedicated account manager, who checks in with the organisation regularly and helps with any queries they may have. Should a problem arise, they can contact our support desk for a quick response too.

The testimonial:

“The change from an on-premise, server-based solution to a cloud-based solution using Microsoft Teams has been a really positive one. Following the Covid pandemic, agile and home working has been introduced with staff being able to field incoming calls to the organisation and make calls from any location.

swcomms were excellent in demonstrating, planning, configuring and delivering the switch over to Microsoft Teams for us. Comprehensive training sessions were also included for all staff. Very pleased with the overall service” 

Adrian Heathfield, MIS & technology manager


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