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ai Corporation

swcomms provides ai Corporation with a two-phase authentication solution to accommodate safe use of their IT systems hosted at our data centre.

The ai Corporation was founded in Exeter in 1998 with major banks being among the first companies to employ their fraud prevention software solutions. Seven years later, the now Surrey-based ai Corporation started working in a UK Government sponsored joint venture to develop the next generation of fraud detection tools. ai Corporation offers a 24/7 support service with offices across the world, including India and Australia.

Dedicated cabinet 
Security is of paramount importance to ai Corporation and the business needed their staff to use RSA secure identification tokens to securely connect to their IT systems. swcomms provided them with a dedicated cabinet to host within their purpose-built, dedicated server hosting data centre in Exeter. This multi-million pound facility offers a highly resilient infrastructure with no single point of failure to provide stringent security, controlled environmental conditions, clean power, fire prevention and network connectivity.

swcomms also provided ai Corporation with the two-phase authentication system they needed. This took the form of physical RSA tokens that generates an individual authentication code at fixed intervals for each member of staff before they can log onto the corporate network. Initially these physical key-fob tokens authenticated with a physical RSA device hosted at swcomms which allowed staff access to ai Corporation’s virtualised Microsoft Hyper-V platform. The RSA device has since been replaced with a virtual security appliance, which will be never become obsolete, again running within the data centre and the staff now use a token app on their smartphones.

swcomms deliver a high level of resilience to protect ai Corporation’s server environment from any server and operating system outages. We also provide private connectivity between the Guildford site and the data centre which is used by their head office staff to access both their server environment and their hosted phone system.

Since their formation in 1998, ai Corporation has moved to Guildford but they still host their servers in our data centre. ai Corporation’s dedicated account manager was able to advise the business on the relocation requirements and remains on hand to offer further support as and when required.

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