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swcomms provides a standby data recovery suite for ATASS and uses a Broadband Connection Voucher to help fund resilient wired and wireless links to the internet.

ATASS is a pioneering company with a portfolio of sustainable enterprises, operating in the areas of research, sport and education technology. Their offices are located on the Exeter Business Park.

ATASS was using our co-location service taking a cabinet in our data centre to host their disaster recovery solution so that they would be able to access their files and business applications if anything happened to their offices. However, it did not give them any premises to work from. With four serviced offices at our disposal, three in the south west and one in the south east of England, swcomms had the solution. We can reserve furnished space to provide business continuity suites and offered ATASS a suite in our Sowton Business & Technology Centre nearby.

Business continuity solution
As an existing data centre customer, ATASS can be patched into their hosted environment at short notice to offer a complete business continuity solution. There is a 1Gbps connection between the business continuity suite and our data centre, which means ATASS’s IT team can work at local area network (LAN) speed to bring their applications and systems back into operation while other members of staff work remotely. We have also provided a virtual private network (VPN) to facilitate remote working and enable staff to access the disaster recovery servers from their homes or alternative locations.

The result is a high-tech business continuity suite and disaster recovery solution that gives ATASS the reassurance they need that they can simply transfer their operation to an alternative site in the face of disaster. Our disaster recovery suites are sold on a four to one basis with each suite reserved by four businesses at a time, but not to businesses in the same geographic area or industry. This is the most cost-effective way of reserving space.

Resilient link to the internet
ATASS also had a requirement for a resilient link to the internet as their existing link was supplied by a single carrier which they felt left them in a vulnerable position. We have replaced the existing circuit with a 1Gbps fibre leased line between their premises and our data centre. Our data centre is linked to three different carriers; therefore if one carrier has an outage, we will be able to provide Internet connectivity from the other two. However, this fibre link is also a potential single point of failure as it would only take a digger to cut through the cable for internet connectivity to be literally severed.

Following a feasibility survey, we recommended a 700Mbps point to point radio link between our data centre and ATASS as a cost-effective back-up solution. The benefit of such a point to point solution is that once the dishes are in place - and installation can be very swift - there are no ongoing line rental costs. swcomms advised ATASS to make use of a Broadband Connection Voucher available from the Government-funded SuperConnected Cities scheme that is designed to support business growth by helping them fund better connectivity. As an approved supplier for the scheme we were able to guide ATASS through the process. The voucher helped pay for the new hardware required for the connectivity upgrade.

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