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Bloxham School

Bloxham School had been using a Mitel telephone system and this had suited their needs at the time of purchase, but the pandemic changed their requirements. As a fee-paying school, teachers and staff needed more flexibility to make calls from wherever they were working. 


Their requirements:
Having already used Microsoft Teams to deliver online learning, they turned to swcomms to ask what it could deliver as a telephone system. 

The challenge:
Bloxham School asked us to implement a 21-user Teams Phone System for key members of staff. After just one day of it being in place, the school asked us to replace the entire Mitel solution with Teams.

The solution:
We were able to use their existing SIP voice services to connect to their own dedicated session border controller hosted in Azure, which is a flexible, accessible and cost-effective alternative to Microsoft Calling Plans. This meant Bloxham was able to keep all of its existing numbers and to continue to benefit from free inclusive calls and our Fraud Management Service to protect the school from telecoms fraudsters who hack into phone systems to run up large bills. Bloxham now has an 80-user Teams solution in place that is flexible enough to cope with working through a pandemic and beyond.

“We had been considering Microsoft Teams for Bloxham way before the pandemic, but like most we had to act fast once it hit. Luckily, we had already been trialling Teams with a few departments, therefore the setup of Teams was already in place so once Lockdown One hit us we just had to quickly introduce the platform to all staff and students within a week. 

“During the first lockdown, we asked swcomms to provide a few key staff with the ability to use Teams as a phone system. This allowed us to trial Teams telephony on a live system at minimum risk. It wasn’t long until we requested a whole user migration and asked if it was possible to do this over half-term, which was only 2 weeks away. 

swcomms managed to squeeze us in at the last minute and managed to complete the migration within the half-term window. It was then up to us to train the staff on how to use it! However, this was one of the simplest deployments we had to do as staff had already been using Teams for months and adding this extra feature was very intuitive to use. 

“Once Lockdown Two hit us, it was business as normal as reception could take calls from home and transfer to colleagues despite their location. 

“All in all, a great success and I would recommend Microsoft Teams and swcomms all day long.”
David Quinney, head of IT services

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