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Bluebird Care

Bluebird Care Cornwall North installs cloud-hosted telephony services to better serve the needs of its care team and clients.


Bluebird Care is one of the nation’s leading care providers delivering care services to their clients in the comfort of their own homes.


South West Communications Group visited Bluebird Care Cornwall North, based in Camelford, when we uncovered a need to replace an ageing BT Versatility telephone system and ISDN2 lines. BT had already been in contact with the branch to encourage them to move away from ISDN voice services, which are due to be phased out by 2025, but they were keen to do some market research first. They were also aware that we provided telephony services to three Bluebird Care branches in Exeter, Exmouth and Honiton.


Having had experience of Bluebird Care’s specific needs, swcomms recommended the branch replace their current unsupported system with a cloud-hosted VoIP Gamma Horizon solution to enjoy the following benefits:


Simultaneous calls

By using Gamma assured connections to replace their ISDN2 lines, they would be able to use all 11 channels to take simultaneous calls with guaranteed voice quality. Bluebird Care deals with high call traffic volumes; conversations with potential clients and care professionals make up most of their outgoing calls to both landlines and mobiles, while a telephone-based team also receives calls from these groups too. It was a huge benefit to be able to have 11 conversations at the same time.


Full call handling
Staff can put calls on hold, transfer and pick up calls, and use the in-built voicemail to effectively handle the high volume of calls. This functionality is also available to one of the directors who works from home.


Out-of-hours service
Any calls received out of normal business hours can be greeted with a voicemail message providing an alternative number or they can be diverted to a mobile or another landline number so Bluebird Care can offer a 24/7/365 service. This same service can be used for business continuity purposes if they cannot access their office for some reason. 


Cost control
The Horizon solution is built on a per user subscription basis with all line rental, direct dial-in numbering, ongoing support and equipment included. All calls to UK landlines and mobiles are free of charge too so Bluebird Care enjoys a fixed monthly sum for their telecoms costs.


Easy growth
Business growth, even an extra franchise, is easily accommodated with the addition of further licences and handsets.


System control
A web-based portal gives Bluebird the ability to make immediate system changes while also offering statistics on call data, including missed calls, so they can assign staffing levels appropriately.


Having seen a demonstration of the Horizon web portal and handsets, Bluebird Care opted to buy themselves out of their BT contract to switch to our solution. The deployment was handed over to a PRINCE2-accredited project manager and following handover, they have regular contact with their dedicated account manager who is on hand to answer queries.


Director Mark Sayers said: “From the initial visit from the communications consultant, I was impressed that I was not just another sales target, but a business owner that could be helped by swcomms. He returned with a clear business plan and proposal which was easily understood. I had approached other phone providers, but they fell well short at this stage. The price was better than the other providers and phones were included as part of the deal. I was pleased to see a clear monthly price was given, with no other hidden costs.


“Once signed up, the project manager was very helpful and guided me through the set up process, plus any technical hurdles that we came across. The actual installation was a smooth operation with the engineer calmly setting up and ensuring that our staff were competent in their use and understanding of the system.


“The system has been excellent and has greatly enhanced the communicational aspect of our business, with 11 lines available at all times. My wife, who is also a director, makes use of the remote office facility, and can use our home phone as if it is her office phone. I am a very satisfied customer and would recommend swcomms to any business looking to upgrade their systems.”


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