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swcomms helps Bytes Security Partnerships move into new premises with the deployment of a VoIP telephone system.

Bytes Security Partnerships is part of Bytes Technology Group UK, which incorporates three specialist divisions, providing their customers with expert software licensing and security services knowledge. Based in Reading, Bytes’ customer base includes Tesco, the BBC, Specsavers, the NHS, BUPA, Hiscox and thousands more.

Relocation plans
Bytes were on the brink of moving into new premises and were keen to take the opportunity to invest in a new telephone system. They had been using an Avaya solution but this was very out of date and although their existing provider had quoted them for an upgrade, including contact centre and call recording functionality, they were keen to look at alternative options that would enhance the work of their predominantly telephone-based sales and technical teams. They were specifically seeking an IP solution that had the flexibility to accommodate mobile members of staff working away from the office. Bytes wanted to make use of reporting tools to measure the performance of their call handlers and to have the ability to manage the system for themselves. They wanted a solution that would offer them additional capacity to allow for business growth in the future.

swcomms met with Bytes after keeping in contact with the company in the run-up to their relocation. We advised Bytes to invest in a Mitel Connect solution which would deliver the functionality required and was able to use the existing ISDN30 lines until Bytes had time to review a full SIP solution. Our sales team demonstrated the Mitel solution at Bytes’ offices to showcase its ease-of-use in a live situation. Bytes ordered the solution just a week later. Not only are Mitel solutions resilient and reliable, with no single point of failure, they can accommodate up to 20,000 users so there is ample room for growth. They also provide many sought-after communications tools as an integral part of the solution.

Call centre functionality was provided using work group licences which gave Bytes advanced call routing and reporting capabilities. Live call statistics can be viewed on a wallboard using an agent monitor application to measure the sales and technical teams’ performance. The solution also provided hot desking to enable staff to sign into desk phones with PINs so they are easily accessible regardless of their location. The Mitel solution offers full call recording which allows all calls to be archived to use as a reference tool, to resolve disputes with customers or to use as a real-life training aid for new members or, indeed, existing members of staff.

Full integration with Outlook email client
Bytes’ mobile workers were integrated into the solution with Mitel licences that allow them to use their laptops as softphones while they are working away from the office. The licence also offers them the option to communicate via video too. Mobility licences were provided so senior management can use their iPhones as extensions of their desk phones when they are away from their desks, whether they are using a Wi-Fi or GSM network. Integrated voicemail and unified messaging enables all members of staff to manage their messages in whatever way is easiest for them. Full integration into their Outlook email client means voice messages can be managed through this familiar application, as well as via their desk phones for flexible message retrieval.

Mitel software provides a web-based single management interface for simplified management of the entire solution. Bytes’ technical director can manage moves, adds and changes as well as manage voicemail and basic automated call distribution (ACD) capabilities. Easy to use, the Mitel Director helps to improve administrator productivity, lowers ownership cost, and reduces strain on IT resources. Full call reporting can also be gained from this software.

David Rawle, technical director, said: “swcomms were persistent but polite and professional in maintaining contact with Bytes for a two-year period prior to our office move being approved and planned. At that point when we started looking for a new phone system to replace our decade-old Avaya system, they were the natural choice to speak with first. They very quickly pinpointed our key requirements and prepared a demo of the equipment at our offices which enabled our technical and sales staff, who have very different requirements, to make the decision that they would be happy with the solution that was being proposed. 

"Our dedicated project manager worked tirelessly to ensure that the install went in smoothly and that it was combined with the stress of our office move with minimum impact. We were not abandoned when the inevitable initial niggles came up and they were quickly addressed and dealt with. Our IT administrators received first-rate training from genuine product experts and were able to come away feeling happy they could make changes to the system themselves with back up available from swcomms if it was needed.

“The Mitel system that we have purchased is a quantum leap on from the decade old system it replaces. It has enabled us to provide genuine flexibility for our sales and technical support staff in when and where they work that was unimaginable before.”


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