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Long-term savings of agile communications

Outdated telephony infrastructure is expensive to maintain and can limit the flexibility of your communications. Discover how next-generation solutions can bring your business back up-to-date.

Staying competitive can be challenging. Customers are always asking for the best price, staff members are requesting higher pay and more flexibility in their roles and costs from suppliers seem to be forever increasing. In fact, a recent report from consulting firm CBRE states that with customer demands changing rapidly, half of the occupations that exist today will not exist by 2025. This means businesses must become more agile in order to stay relevant.

The right communications solution can help to lower costs and provide flexibility so your staff can remain efficient. For instance, traditional ISDN lines are expensive. Each change that your business requests has a price tag attached and can often take days or even weeks to implement. ISDN-based solutions carry hefty service
charges for:

  • System maintenance
  • System additions and removals
  • Call flow changes
  • Priority repair times

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