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Ceramtec case study - swcomms


swcomms replaces an ageing telephone system with a resilient dual-site solution that met the mobility requirements of a factory environment.


CeramTec is an international manufacturer and supplier of technical ceramics. With more than 3,500 employees worldwide, their UK sites are in Southampton and Wrexham.


CeramTec had been using a very old telephone system that was at serious risk of failing and it was already causing some issues.


The business wanted a replacement VoIP solution with superior functionality. They were also considering linking to their second factory site in Wrexham.


The nature of both sites meant CeramTec used a lot of wireless handsets on the factory floors with staff constantly moving around but needing to remain available for calls.


swcomms was selected to deploy CeramTec’s new solution which comprised of two on-premise Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise OXO Connect telephone systems.


This gave CeramTec a robust replacement solution for both sites that is supported at manufacturer level. This was very important. Manufacturer support means there will be parts available if a fault arises, while there would have been little hope of a fix if their former solution had broken down.


The OXO Connect offers all the functionality the business needs in terms of call forwarding, hunt groups, voicemail and receptionist consoles, but also offered an efficient wireless handset solution.


The Southampton site uses 11 desk handsets and 30+ DECT handsets which enjoy full site coverage care of the 13 base stations we installed around the building.


The Wrexham factory uses 70 DECT handsets and close to 30 base stations.


This is true business-class wireless solution that offers complete roaming mobility to CeramTec’s staff. They can use their DECT handsets as if they are desk-based phones with full ability to access the corporate directory to forward calls and so on.


With one system at each site, CeramTec enjoys true resilience in that if one system suffers a fault, the other site can still receive calls. The UK arm of CeramTec will always be available.


We used existing site-to-site connectivity to enable overflow of calls at busy times, plus easy transfers and free calls between the two sites.


CeramTec had been using ISDN lines for their calls. This is rapidly becoming an outdated technology as Openreach moves towards the ISDN switch-off in 2025.


ISDN is also more expensive and less flexible than the modern alternative, known as SIP, which uses internet connections to support voice calls. We provided CeramTec with new voice grade FTTC broadband circuits to eliminate the cost of ISDN lines entirely. CeramTec is now future-proofed ahead of the ISDN switch-off.


SIP’s other benefits include free calls to UK landlines and mobiles, as well as flexible numbering and easy diverts to other landline or mobile numbers in an outage.


swcomms always provides one project manager to co-ordinate their installations. They serve as a single point of contact for the customer while they manage all the engineers and third parties required to deliver a seamless deployment, including training for the end users.


On completion, the project was handed over to a dedicated account manager who remains in regular contact with CeramTec to check all their needs are being met. Our support desk and customer service teams are also on hand in case they need to report a fault.


CeramTec now benefits from an up-to-date, fully supported resilient solution that links their two sites while giving their mobile employees the freedom to roam.


“Great, professional presales, installation and post-sales service from swcomms. We now have a future-proof telephone system.” Chris Royl, facilities manager


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