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Darch Oil

swcomms successfully protects Darch Oil from phone hackers and a bill totalling £9,000.

Ron Darch & Sons is an independent family firm established originally in the coal business. In 1990, Darch Oil, the liquid fuels and lubricants section of the company was formed. Darch Oil has depots in Yeovil and Glastonbury supplying Somerset, Dorset, East Devon, Bristol, South Wiltshire and West Hampshire.

Darch Oil has been a customer of swcomms since 2005, when we installed Toshiba telephone systems for its Yeovil headquarters and depot. At the same time, we migrated Darch Oil’s landlines and call charges to our own service to help them benefit from competitive billing and ongoing support from a single solutions provider. The relationship has continued to flourish over the years with Darch Oil purchasing other business communications services from swcomms, including cloud-hosted email and our fraud management service.

Dial-through fraud or phone hacking is a growing crime which has begun to cost UK businesses millions of pounds with some companies ending up having to foot financially crippling bills that can run into thousands of pounds. Hackers dial into business telephone systems, usually by breaking through unimaginative voicemail PINs, and direct calls to overseas destinations where they collect a premium share of the call cost. Hackers usually strike overnight or during weekends so businesses do not realise there is anything awry until it is too late.

To offer further peace of mind to their customers, swcomms offer a fraud management service option to ensure our customers do not suffer in the event of dial-through fraud or phone hacking. swcomms was already monitoring Darch Oil’s telephone lines for any evidence of unusual call behaviour but depending on the circumstances of the fraud, this could have still left Darch Oil with a very expensive bill to pay. We advised Darch Oil to invest in our fraud management service option which automatically bars calls from a single line to all destinations (except those to UK geographic and UK mobile numbers), when they reach a total of £750 within a 24 hour period. This ensures calls to expensive destinations that are targeted by hackers will be limited for as long as the bar remains in place.

Darch Oil took out swcomms’ fraud management service in April 2014 and by July 2014, the cost of the service had more than repaid itself. Darch Oil’s phone system was hacked to the tune of £9,000 but they only had to pay a fraction of the bill.

Sarah Darch, at Darch Oil, said: “The fraud management service has been a great help with not only identifying fraudulent activity on our phone lines but also in protecting us against the cost of such calls.”

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