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Data needs to work the way you do

It's amazing to think that we create 2.5 quintillion bytes data per day across the world through so many different mediums. Analysts estimate that number will increase by 25% every year!


The rise in our creation of data is all due to the increase in our consumption and creation of information through the internet, apps, CRM systems, different devices and a multitude of systems.


But while we create this mammoth amount of data the question arises, where can we store it all?


Is the answer to use the cloud or should businesses invest in more servers and keep them located at their offiices? Should businesses look at a hybrid model for data storage?


With so many questions about data backup we put together an infographic to help you understand the benefits of a resilient and versatile solution that can meet all your business needs today and for the future.


For further information, you might be interested in reading our blog about the future of data management or please call us on 0800 054 6789 or email us at cloud@swcomms.co.uk

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