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swcomms provides web-based business Gifts-Direct-2-U with a cloud-based voice solution and internet connectivity.

Gifts-Direct-2-U is a web-only shop that sells a range of gifts and home wares for home delivery. Originally a home-based business, Gifts-Direct-2-U now has new premises in Portsmouth.


Gifts-Direct-2-U contacted swcomms when they were on the brink of moving into new premises. The owners were keen to invest in a voice solution that could easily grow with the business or be moved if they outgrew their new premises. They wanted a solution was easy to manage and had a business continuity option so they would always remain contactable to their customers. 

Gamma Horizon cloud-hosted telephony solution
The company went to market and selected swcomms to install a Gamma Horizon cloud-hosted telephony solution which suited a business like this as they were already familiar with utilising connectivity and web-facing products to communicate with their customers. The all-inclusive solution included their extension handsets, lines and minutes charges, the underlying broadband connection and on-going support.

Gifts-Direct-2-U did not have any upfront capital outlay for the solution and instead have a fixed price rental charge for three years which means they have complete control over their telephony costs and are not faced with any unexpected bills. They have access to a web portal which gives them complete control over the Horizon solution.

They can use this to set up automated call routing options to different areas of the business or to create announcements to inform callers of details, such as their opening hours and website address when the office is closed. The portal also provides statistics on call traffic so the business can plan staff numbers accordingly.

Never miss a call
Just as importantly, the web portal can be used to direct calls to different numbers, such as a mobile number or home number, to ensure Gifts-Direct-2-U never misses a call. Should the owners find themselves unable to reach their business premises, these calls can be re-directed immediately, as long as they can access the internet.

swcomms recommended a dedicated internet connection rather than sharing a connection used for data to ensure the quality of the voice traffic is maintained. We also provided Gifts-Direct-2-U with a separate broadband line for their data use and provided a back-up solution in the event of an outage in the form of a router and 3G dongle that would serve as an interim solution.

swcomms understood Gifts-Direct-2-U was a fledgling, successful business that need a flexible solution that could move or grow with them. The Horizon solution is highly resilient and totally scalable; ideally suited to Gifts-Direct-2-U.

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