Hanlons Brewery

Hanlons Brewery

swcomms provides a cost-effective cloud-hosted telephony and internet solution to this Devon brewery.

Hanlons Brewery, based in Half Moon Village, Devon, is the quality brewer of award-winning ales, including Yellow Hammer, Port Stout, Stormstay and Firefly.


Hanlons was incurring expensive bills using a BT telephone system and feature lines. They were struggling to work with the poor internet connectivity they were using and wanted to drive down costs, gain more in-house control and benefit from integration with the management software used by their telesales team. We visited them to discuss their requirements and to demonstrate the Gamma Horizon cloud-hosted telephone system that we felt would be the ideal replacement. Despite competition from other suppliers, swcomms won this business based on our all-inclusive pricing model and our dedication to providing a quality service. This reliable telephony solution is deployed on its own dedicated connection. While calls traverse the internet, they do not contend with any other data traffic, so call quality does not suffer or drop out.


Cost was key though. As this system is a cloud-hosted subscription service, there was no need to pay for a telephony server on site. We provided a blend of desk-based and DECT handsets, the LAN infrastructure and the assured internet circuit. Ongoing support and software upgrade costs are included in the monthly subscription, as well as line rental charges.  Costs were reduced with free calls to local, national and mobile numbers.


The Horizon solution offers a wide range of call features, including an automated attendant to answer every call, voicemail for every member of staff, hunt groups, easy call transfers, etc. We integrated the Horizon solution with the BrewMan CRM to give the telesales team the ability to click-to-dial from their PCs and to view customer records at the same time.


Hanlons has in-house administrative control using a portal that can be accessed from any web-based device. Staff can carry out simple moves, adds and changes. They can view call statistics, including inbound, outbound and missed calls, to make sure they have enough staff on hand to answer calls. The same portal can be used in the event of a power outage or adverse weather conditions, to redirect incoming calls to an alternative mobile or landline to ensure the business can carry on as normal.


As part of the solution, swcomms provided them with two broadband connections. One was used by the office and the other for the bar area. We also supplied a PSTN line for their card machine.


A project manager oversaw the deployment to ensure there was minimum disruption to the business. Hanlons’ aftercare has now been handed over to a dedicated account manager, and our customer services and support desk team. The brewery receives one bill from one provider for all their communications services to represent a complete voice and data solution.


swcomms were great from start to finish. A very pleasant surprise. Our phone service and internet connectivity has vastly improved. We would highly recommend swcomms and would like to thank the whole team.”
Georgia Parkhouse, sales coordinator


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