How your telecoms provider can make you more agile

Find out whether it’s time to change your communications provider.

In today’s financially-conscious environment, most businesses have been forced to adjust their processes to become more efficient - maintaining profit margins without significantly increasing prices. To achieve this transformation, many have become more agile, allowing them to adapt to changes in the marketplace more quickly.


The move to becoming an agile business is not simply a change in corporate mindset. Technology will need to underpin processes. This may mean the use of new software frameworks or the adaptation of existing line-of-business applications. It will also require infrastructure changes for maximum flexibility.


ISDN is the traditional workhorse of enterprise telecoms, providing relatively reliable voice and data connectivity. However, ISDN struggles to cope with the demands of the modern agile business: 

  • A lack of scalability makes adding and removing capacity costly and time inefficient
  • Remote telecoms connectivity for a mobile workforce is impossible to implement
  • Cost inefficiencies make cost containment extremely difficult

The answer is to replace ISDN with a more flexible solution, SIP trunking. SIP can address all of these challenges and more.

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