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South West Communications Group provides King Recruit with a hosted telephone system to give them the business functionality they need within a fixed monthly fee.


King Recruit is an experienced and specialist management and executive recruitment agency based in Exeter.


King Recruit was dissatisfied with the additional charges being levied at them from a new supplier. They wanted a hosted telephone system but did not want to progress the relationship with the supplier they had originally chosen.


Our hosted telephony consultant advised King Recruit of their rights and the action they could take to be released from their contract. They then turned to us again for the most suitable telephony solution for their requirements.


We recommended the Gamma Horizon hosted telephone system as this would give them an updated solution within a cost-effective and predictable monthly fee. A resilient, flexible, easy-to-grow VoIP system, the Gamma Horizon solution provided King Recruit with all the functionality they required, including:


Greater call capacity
Extra channels mean the business can handle more calls simultaneously to lessen the likelihood of incoming callers being met by the engaged tone.


Automated attendant
Answers every call and offer options to candidates and clients so their query is handled by the most relevant person.


Flexible voicemail
Provides out-of-hours and day service messaging for the entire business as well as voicemail for staff who can receive message notifications via email, so they do not miss an important call.

Free calls
This solution includes free calls to UK mobiles and landline numbers, which can represent a considerable outlay for a recruitment agency, so King Recruit can effectively budget for communications costs and save money.


Handset twinning
Desk phones can be twinned with mobiles for single number contact for all members of staff, so they can receive calls when they are away from their desks.


Easy management
An easy-to-use web-based portal, which can be accessed 24/7 on site or remotely, allows for immediate moves, adds and changes to largely eliminate the need for engineering time. The same portal also provides statistics on call data, including missed calls and call history, so King Recruit can schedule its staff to be on hand to answer calls at the busiest times.


This solution was delivered on King Recruit’s existing, advertised telephone numbers on a voice-ready internet connection to ensure call quality. In the event of an outage, calls can be automatically diverted to alternative landlines or mobiles to ensure the business remains contactable.


The solution is provided within a fixed monthly cost, including DDI numbering, system upgrades and swcomms support from our helpdesk agents, fully certified engineers and dedicated account manager.


Helen Plumridge, managing director of King Recruit, said: “I recently contacted swcomms as I wasn’t satisfied with another telecoms supplier contract. Your communications consultant was incredibly helpful and professional in providing me with a quotation and offering advice on how best to proceed in exiting my existing contract. We’re really pleased with the outcome, and that’s with huge thanks to his support and professionalism.” 


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