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Kings’ School switched to internet voice services using the updated Hampshire County Council HPSN network to save money and future-proof their telephone system.


Kings' School is a comprehensive secondary school in Winchester, Hampshire, with approximately 1,650 pupils.


The school was using our Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise telephone system but were keen to find cost savings where possible. The recent upgrade of Hampshire County Council’s internet connectivity service for schools, called HPSN2.1, opened an opportunity for us to help the school save money.


The previous version of their internet connectivity and firewall offering prevented schools from using their circuits for calls. With secondary schools now able to manage their own firewalls (subject to the acceptance of certain terms and conditions), this meant voice traffic was possible.


Kings’ School, like so many in Hampshire, had been using ISDN lines for voice calls. However, these traditional lines are due to be phased out by 2025 in favour of services supported by internet connections. All schools will need to switch from ISDN to meet this deadline.


The replacement lines, known as SIP, can now be run on the HPSN2.1 network and come with inclusive UK landline and mobile minutes, effectively reducing Kings’ School’s phone bill to zero.


Before switching to SIP, the school upgraded their telephone system with the latest software to ensure it was compatible and future-proofed. There was no need to buy any new hardware.


Using the HPSN2.1 network for SIP meant the school no longer had to pay for their ISDN lines. This with the free calls on SIP gave the school the cost savings they were looking for.


In addition to this project, Kings’ School was leasing a number of classrooms to nearby Osborne School who needed to link them to their telephone system on their main site.


We upgraded Osborne’s Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise telephone system to the OXO Connect solution so they could use IP handsets in the off-site classrooms. These seamlessly link to the main telephone system.


This project proves HPSN2.1 can be used for SIP and that our engineers are well-versed in using the network to help school make the cost-saving switch from ISDN.


“Kings’ School is constantly striving to keep costs down so that resource can be focused on delivering high quality teaching for our pupils. Having upgraded to the vastly superior HSPN2.1 broadband service we were delighted to hear of the benefit that SIP would bring to our telephone system. 


“The change to the new technology was quickly and efficiently delivered by swcomms without interruption to service and the school now benefits from reliable new technology at much reduced cost.”
Ian Pickles, school business manager


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