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Architects KTA benefit from a feature-rich data centre-hosted telephone system.


KTA has been practising in the south west for more than 30 years and is respected for its ability to deliver innovative and award winning projects. 


KTA had been using an ageing telephone system. It was unsupported at manufacturer level, which meant if it failed, there would be no guarantee of a fix. This is a risky situation for a business that relies on the calls from clients.


The telephone system was also using traditional ISDN lines which are old copper voice lines that are being phased out in favour of new internet-based services. KTA needed to upgrade their telephone system to prepare for the planned cessation of ISDN.


Our communications consultant visited KTA to ascertain their needs and recommended the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise OXO Cloud Connect telephone system as a replacement.


The OXO Cloud Connect is a hosted business telephone service developed by swcomms to reside in our data centre. This unique service provides an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities accessed through managed software.


By using a private cloud-hosted phone service, KTA leaves all the management of it to us, so their staff can concentrate on more productive tasks.


There was no need for any capital outlay, as all costs are covered in a fixed monthly fee, including line rental and support, plus budget-saving free calls to UK landlines and mobiles.


Other benefits include:


Feature-rich functionality
An extensive range of call handing and management features, e.g. automated attendant, call pick up, multi-party calls, hunt groups, voicemail, call queuing and ad-hoc call recording.


Improved customer service
With seamless call handling, automated attendant, call waiting and music on hold, KTA’s client calls will be answered with the attention they deserve.


Flexible working
Hot-desking, call forwarding, home working, voicemail-to-email, one number anywhere and sequential ringing, means mobile or remote staff can enjoy the same desktop experience wherever they are working.


Business continuity
These services can be moved to a backup plan, such as diverting calls to mobile numbers, without loss of functionality and expensive call forwarding costs.


swcomms oversaw the entire switch from the old telephone system to the new, led by a dedicated project manager who ensured the roll-out was seamless.


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