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Lady’s Mile Holiday Park

swcomms provides Lady’s Mile Holiday Park with a point to point link to connect them to their sister holiday as part of a single solution that also included an income-generating wireless hotspot.

Lady’s Mile Holiday Park in Dawlish, Devon, was established in 1958 and is an award-winning familyrun caravan and camping park that includes indoor and outdoor sports and leisure facilities. They have a sister holiday park called Oakcliff Holiday Park in Dawlish Warren just two kilometres away. Lady’s Mile and Oakcliff were run by the same family but they were struggling with the lack of communications link between the two. They ran off separate telephone systems that were both out-ofdate and inadequate for their modern day needs. A lack of a data link between the two sites meant Oakcliff site could not access Lady’s Mile electronic booking system, which was becoming more and more of a problem. Furthermore, both sites offered wireless Internet access to its customers, but the existing service was unreliable and a percentage of the revenue it generated had to be returned to the supplier.

A simple call from our business development team led to a one-stop shop solution that revolutionised the way the holiday parks are now run. swcomms appreciate it is difficult to visualise how communications solutions really work, so Lady’s Mile management were invited to Communications House in Exeter to see for themselves. The WiFi hotspot solution is available for use at our headquarters and point to point devices link Communications House to Sandy Park Stadium, where IP extensions are also used. This visit clearly showed Lady’s Mile the advantages of the equipment they could investing in as part of a careful sales process that aims to leave the client feeling educated and confident that their communications needs are in safe hands with swcomms.

Private point to point link
An order followed very soon after. Point to point technology was used to create a private link between the two sites for both their calls and data sharing purposes. OS-Gemini Lite devices were installed at both sites therefore negating the need to lay expensive cabling that can take months to complete. The beauty of point to point technology is its inexpensive nature and the speed at which a link can be installed; as little as five working days in most cases. A detailed study was carried out by swcomms’ engineers to ascertain whether a link was possible by measuring potential data throughput and using computer modelling to establish the best possible line of sight, mounting positions and correct range between the transmitters taking account of the landscape topography.

swcomms installed a Toshiba CIX40 telephone system to serve 13 users across both the Lady’s Mile and Oakcliff sites. This telephone architecture enabled the sites to take advantage of modern-day functions that most businesses take for granted. The Toshiba system enables the sites to divert calls to each other should either of the offices be unmanned or the phones all busy. IP telephony was utilised at the Oakcliff Holiday Park by using the point to point link. The office staff at Oakcliff can simply plug in their handsets using into their existing data cabling to use the data network and make toll free calls between the sites and then share the PSTN link from the Lady’s Mile site to receive and make external calls.

Guest WiFi access
Wireless internet access was introduced to both sites as the ideal alternative to their current wireless hotspot solution. Unlike other providers, swcomms does not benefit from a share generated from the extra revenue created. A single set-up fee is all that is required leaving customers to set their own tariffs and to collect all the profit they create, as well as the kudos of providing such a sought-after facility. 

Finance was provided by our subsidiary company, SWT Finance. This is a boutique finance provider specifically established to support the borrowing needs of businesses investing in new information and communications technology. As an independent financier, SWT Finance is not reliant on external funds for lending and similarly has independent in-house credit approval procedures. This meant a quicker progression for Lady’s Mile and allowed for the immediate purchase of the equipment they required. Furthermore, SWT Finance is flexible to its customers’ needs and allows early settlement, upgrade of equipment during the loan tenure and even offers payment schemes that mirror a business’s seasonal cashflow.

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