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swcomms provides long-term client Landmark with a hosting and a business continuity solution for their vital IT equipment.

Landmark supplies digital mapping, property and environmental risk information. With offices in Exeter and Henley-on-Thames, Landmark has an unrivalled source of large scale current and historic digital maps, together with high quality environmental risk and planning information database.

When Landmark expanded their IT infrastructure in Exeter, they had to decide where to locate their additional equipment as sufficient electrical power was unavailable without significantly investing in a new power feed, an electrical substation and the associated environmental and cooling systems. Landmark also needed a business continuity solution at an offsite location and required a co-location solution for a Government project that required the utmost in security and included the migration of data from an incumbent supplier.

swcomms has their own data centre. It was built to provide excellent security, environmental conditions, power supply, fire prevention and network connectivity. It is maintained by a certified engineering team with years of experience in managing enterprise-level networks. It offers a highly resilient infrastructure with no single point of failure to provide scalable, high availability and flexible solutions to meet the needs of the public and private sector.

We provided 30 racks for more than 150 servers, switches, firewalls and multiple storage area network (SAN) enclosures. The data centre’s built-in superior electrical capacity meant Landmark was able to implement their new system far quicker and more cost effectively than waiting for their own power supply and environmental systems to be upgraded.

Business continuity solution
Real-time offsite data replication was made possible with the installation of eight 1Gb private fibre connections between the data centre and Landmark’s Exeter office. This provides a business continuity solution in that the SAN at the data centre is always available to Landmark and their customers should there be an issue at their office.

A secure floor-to-ceiling caged area was constructed within the data centre to hold 30 cabinets. Access is restricted to Landmark staff only. They are escorted to and from the cage but once inside can work uninterrupted and unsupervised.

An isolated, secure technical suite was provided to Landmark’s support team within a swcomms-owned business centre which is linked to the data centre via private fibres.

Two-site data centre solution
Landmark’s hosting solution sees the data centre in Exeter remaining as the main hub with a second location being provided in another data centre in South Wales. Dual 10Gbps leased lines have been provided by alternative carriers to link this two-site data centre solution.

With a copy of all of Landmark’s critical data being held in offsite data centres, this information-driven company has peace of mind that none of it would be lost in the event of a disaster at either of their offices. swcomms remains a strategic partner to Landmark, building on a professional relationship that has lasted 15 years.

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