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Martin Diplock

Martin Diplock is a team of chartered surveyors, estate agents and valuers covering a wide area across East Devon and West Dorset from their head office in Lyme Regis.

The issue:

They had been with the same IT support supplier since 2000, which was paid on an ad-hoc basis and charged at an hourly rate. When an ethernet switch broke and disrupted their internet and phone connections, their incumbent supplier was unable to address the issue in a reasonable time, so Martin Diplock looked to find a new provider.

swcomms had already provided Martin Diplock’s phone system, and upon discovering we offered IT support, they contacted us to explore the solutions available. We proposed a full IT support solution to cover five users, complete with anti-virus and back-up manager packages.

Martin Diplock Chartered Surveyors

The solution:

Martin Diplock now benefits from a break-fix contract during office hours. Should an issue arise, our support team will try to fix the problem remotely, but should it require in-person attention, site visits are also available to ensure a quick resolution.

Our team of skilled specialists proactively monitor Martin Diplock’s IT infrastructure and provide advice to ensure maximum efficiency and to identify and address potential issues before they escalate and then having to fix them on a reactive basis. Martin Diplock can rest easy knowing that should anything go wrong, support is in place to rectify the problem with as little business interruption as possible.

Using ESET antivirus protection, Martin Diplock’s staff can focus on their daily tasks knowing their cyber security is in hand. ESET is a cost-effective, award-winning antivirus software, running malware detection and protection in the background to keep them safe from security breaches.

The office was particularly concerned about new cyber threats, as other businesses they work with had fallen victim to previously unseen types of attack. ESET’s ‘zero-day protection’ is regularly updated against the very latest threats, so if a new type emerges, it is already equipped to protect Martin Diplock’s IT infrastructure.

While their Microsoft 365 licences had been purchased directly from Microsoft, Martin Diplock was unaware that their files were not backed up to the cloud automatically. We provided them with Microsoft 365 backup software to ensure all files are backed up as standard. Should a file be accidentally deleted or even if they find themselves victim of a power outage, cyber-attack or even a natural disaster, they can rest easy knowing that their documents are recoverable.

Furthermore, as they already use swcomms for their phone system Martin Diplock can now benefit from consolidated services - telephony, connectivity, IT support, Microsoft 365 backup - from one provider to give them complete peace of mind.

They have the option of contacting our support desk for any issues, and should they have any additional requirements, they benefit from a dedicated account manager as their main point of contact.

Martin Diplock Chartered Surveyors

The testimonial:

"Having had such a great experience with swcomms when they provided our new telephony system, they were our first thought when it came to an IT solution and we were thrilled with the level of support that they could offer us. The roll-out of the support package was stress-free and our dedicated account manager was on hand throughout to guide us through the process. We are now able to concentrate on our day-to-day business without the worry of how we would cope if something goes wrong with our IT.”

Vickie Stickler, office manager


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